Professional Forum For Child Health in Hong Kong (Session 4)

The Hong Kong Paediatric Society (HKPS) is a professional body firstly formed by a group of dedicated paediatricians in 1962. The early development of child health service in Hong Kong started in 1960s when Paediatrics was firstly recognized as a subspecialty. Throughout the years, Paediatrics has been developed as one of well-established subspecialties in Hong Kong. It is the 50th Anniversary for both HKPS and the Child Health development in Hong Kong this year. In conjunction with this new era in paediatrics and the 50th Anniversary, HKPS will organize a serial of professional and educational activities to celebrate this big milestone for paediatrics. The first Forum on "Gaps and Challenges on future Child Health development in Hong Kong"; the second Forum on "Intersectoral and Transdisciplinary Collaboration for Child Health in Hong Kong" and the third Forum on "Roles of Healthcare Professionals in the Primary Health Care of Children in Hong Kong" had been successfully held with good response from participants of various disciplines.

The fourth Professional Forum will be held on 5th July 2012 (Thursday) at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The theme of the Forum is "Goals for Child Health in Hong Kong in the 21st Century". We have invited renowned experts from various disciplines to share their vision in this important topic on Child Health. There will be an Open Forum for Q&A and discussion at the end of the session which is the highlight of the Forum. We hope the Forum can serve as a platform for paediatricians, other child health related specialists and healthcare professionals to come together to collaborate and discuss on the future development of Paediatrics and Child Health in Hong Kong. Attached is the poster for your kind reference. Hope to see you and hear your views at the Forum.

Date : 5th July 2012 (Thursday)
Venue : Queen Elizabeth Hospital