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  1. The Society shall comprise the following categories of members:-

    1. Full Member. Full member shall be divided into:-

      1. Ordinary Member Any registered medical or dental practitioner normally residing in Hong Kong who has shown a continuous interest in dermatology and/or venereology for not less than three years as evidenced by publications, membership of colleges and societies, attendance at conferences, participation in student teaching, or active engagement in clinical or research work, in the field of dermatology and/or venereology, shall be eligible for application to be admitted as an Ordinary Member of the Society subject to the final approval of the Council. Each Ordinary Member shall take an active part in promoting the objects of the Society, and shall undertake such responsibilities as determined by the Council.

      2. Fellow Any Ordinary Member of the Society who is a dermatologist and/or venereologist on the specialist register of the Academy of Medicine (if any) or has contributed to the promotion of dermatology and/or venereology in Hong Kong as defined by the ruling of the Council shall be eligible to be nominated as a Fellow of the Society by the Council, subject to final approval by Full Members in general meeting.

    2. Associate Member Any scientist/research worker whose is primarily involved in dermatology and/or venereology or registered medical practitioner may apply to be admitted as an Associate Member subject to the final approval by Council.

    3. Honorary Member The Council may recommend for election at a General Meeting distinguished persons in the field of dermatology and/or venereology to become Honorary Members of the Society.

All categories of Members shall be entitled to receive notice of any meeting of Members but Associate and Honorary Members shall have no vote at all meetings of Members and shall not be eligible for election to office.

  1. Every candidate for Ordinary and Associate Membership of the Society shall be proposed and seconded by two Full Members of the Society. Application for admission must be made in writing signed by the candidate and the proposers and seconders addressed to Honorary Secretary and shall be in such form as the Council shall decide from time to time.

  2. Every Full Member and Associate Member shall pay annual subscription according to his membership status as follows:
(a) Ordinary Member : HK$100.00
(b) Fellow : HK$300.00
(c) Associate Member : HK$100.00

Honorary Member shall not be required to pay annual subscription. Annual subscription shall be payable at the beginning of every finical year by all existing Full Members and Associate Members. All new Full Members and Associate Members shall be required to pay their requisite annual subscription in full for the year during which they join the Society. All payments for annual subscription once made are non-refundable and shall be forwarded to the Honorary Treasurer of the Society.

During absence of more than 12 months overseas a Member's subscription is suspended. The Honorary Secretary should be informed of the period and also the date of return.


Member Chart


Office Bearers of the Present Council (2017 - 2019)
Dr. CHAN Po-tak 陳寶德
Dr. TSE Chi-tat, Ian 謝志達
Hon. Secretary
Dr. IP Fong-cheng, Francis 葉方正
Hon. Treasurer
Dr. CHENG Tin-sik 鄭天錫
Council Members
Dr. CHAN Chun-yin, Johnny 陳俊彥
Dr. CHANG Mee, Mimi 張苗
Dr. HO Ching-kong, Stanley 何正綱
Dr. YEUNG Chi-keung 楊志強
Dr. YEUNG Kwok-hung 楊國鴻


Office Bearers of the Past Councils

1991-93 1993-95 1995-97 1997-99 1999-2001
Chairman Dr. K.K. Lo Dr. S.C. Leung Dr. L.Y. Chong Dr. L.Y. Chong Dr. Y. M Tang
Vice-Chairman Dr. S.C. Leung Dr. L.Y. Chong Dr. C.Y. Leung Dr. C.N. Look Dr. C. Y. Leung
Hon. Secretary Dr. L.Y. Chong Dr. C.Y. Leung Dr. C.N. Look Dr. Y.M. Tang Dr. K. M. Ho
Hon. Treasurer Dr. C.Y. Leung Dr. C.N. Look Dr. Y.M. Tang Dr. K.M. Ho Dr. T. S. Au

2001-2003 2003-2005 2005-2007 2007-2009 2009-2011
Chairman Dr. Leung Chi-yan Dr. Chan Hin-lee Dr. Ho King-man Dr. Chan Hin-lee Dr. Ho King-man
Vice-Chairman Dr. Ho King-man Dr. Ho King-man Dr. Lee Tze-yuen Dr. Lau Ka-ho Dr. Cheung Wai-man
Hon. Secretary Dr. Au Tak-shing Dr. Au Tak-shing Dr. Lau Ka-ho Dr. Ho Hing-fung Dr. Yeung Kwok-hung
Hon. Treasurer Dr. Chan Hin-lee Dr. Lau Ka-ho Dr. Ho Hing-fun Dr. Yeung Kwok-hung Dr. Yeung Chi-keung

2011-2013 2013-2015 2015 - 2017
Chairman Dr. HO Hing-fung Dr. YEUNG Chi-keung Dr. Yeung Kwok-hung
Vice-Chairman Dr. YEUNG Chi-keung Dr. YEUNG Kwok-hung Dr. Chan Po-tak
Hon. Secretary Dr. CHAN Pui-yiu Dr. CHAN Po-tak Dr. Cheng Tin-sik
Hon. Treasurer Dr. TSE Chi-tat Dr. TSE Chi-tat Dr. Ip Fong-cheng